The Future Of / ‘Thinking Cities’

A rather open-ended post, catching a few ideas.

Just watched this short film (produced by Ericsson) and worth a mention for the connection between one aspect of this and something else I was reading (Rifkins’ ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’).

In the promentory*, there’s a short clip of the Royal Stockholm Seaport development and the mention of their mission to build a ‘Fossil-free Economy’ (my emphasis). The idea seems based precisely on Rifkin’s call for for our infrastructures to be build in future with ‘remewables in the system’ as a way to help sustain us as we transition from our current ‘carbon era’ into the next – more sustainably-based energy future – hopefully.

There’s a lot of nonsense in the clip about social media angles (hence Ericssons’ interest in mobile comms) but what was news were the stats (52% of the world is a city and that city uses 70% of all our resources) and a call for a new understanding of what cities need to do in future. Take a quick look;

5 Thought Leaders Weigh In On The Future Of Cities

Two other thoughts spun out of watching this.

What about the 48% who don’t live in town? How are we going to ensure our voice is heard in the clamour and that ‘remewables in the system’ is a infrastructure that’s truly democratic and ‘distributed’?

The second, where and how are signage designers and manufacturers responding to the emerging discipline of ‘urban-telemetry design’. I don’t know if this thing exists just yet, in this context, but I could see how it might emerge.

* Promotional-documentary, my coinage for a corporate promotional production without a particular or even obvious intent. A bit like a promontory, a headland, somewhere to look from.