Man bites dog? It’s ‘me’ not ‘e’ that matters in store.

Finding myself in ‘fast’ self-check-out queues to tills with similar additional features as the one shown here, reading this in PSFK struck a chord;

Stop Making Bad, Real-World Web Sites

In this strange reversal of fortunes, the writer notes how the landrush for technological novelty (make the store more like the web) seriously affects store experiences and the places we go to get away from ‘service through technology’. It’s a paean to investing in people (and, of course, store design) to deliver the difference, the lack of which is the real threat to retailers delivering their brands’ promises;.

“There are other points of differentiation for offline retail — aesthetic and sensory experiences that can be just as important as staff — but there’s nothing as beautiful, understanding and ‘human’ as well-trained, motivated people.”

Ever bought a tent before? Not something to trust to an online purchase so a visit to Go Outdoors on Sunday was a pleasant surprise and, incidentally, a good example of how a big-box retailer’s striking the balance.