Design for what’s on your mind.

I read this last week.

I read it three times more and, while I try not to simply re-post other people’s thinking verbatim, I can’t think of a better article you should read (whether you’re a designer or not).

Design After Design | design mind

John Rousseau’s argument is for “a deeper, fundamentally personal connection to our work that goes beyond projects, requirements, and relationships”, that the designer should bring his or her own agenda in order to “allow our passions to shape our practice for the better”.

And why not? If this is age when the consumer (hey, you!) is the most important person in the world today (and they can and will and want to be asked to be involved), surely now’s a good time for design to rediscover “that design drives innovation, creates meaning, and generates more than just aesthetic value”.

So, ask yourself what’s on your mind before you switch on the software today.

P.S. The image here (of the Eames’ studio model) I’ve linked to a brilliant archive movie about communications by the designers, made in 1958. It’s outstanding.