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Keep On The Grass

Sometimes a simply idea can be subverted to great effect and traditional sign forms and formats lend themselves to this – here’s a great example for the UK’s National Trust, turning from tut-tutting… Continue reading

How to avoid losing in Las Vegas?

More on the future of mobile wayfinding. Ok, so I can’t really stop you losing your shirt at the roulette tables, but in future, finding your way around indoors – by relying on… Continue reading

Mapping new territories – Indoor wayfinding comes of age

Indoor navigation technology is going to be quite a bit different from its outdoor counterpart – you can’t us GPS without a direct satellite line. So developers are turning to other tools to… Continue reading

The Totem Pole – Signs that transcend language…

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Brilliant article about the re-evaluation of the prototype for signage. The Totem Pole — Predecessor for Advertising?. Found on the From the Daily Heller blog

The excellent traffic signs of Italy

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You can tell a lot about a place from it’s signage and in some instances even tell a place by it’s signs. Local cultural differences are always bought into…

A future for signage? (Part 1)

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I’ve been looking at where signage and the influence that technology has begun to exert for a few years. Here’s a great example of the types of signs I…

Ok, so they’re not really signs, but hey…

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Plus this example is only really useful in the rainy North of Europe, but here’s some neat thinking about something I’ve coined as the ‘socialisation’ of Signage, While this…

Google Glass For Visually Impaired Reads Street Signs Out Loud – PSFK

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  The future for signage (part 2), Israeli startup company OrCam has built a camera-based system that helps the visually-impaired ‘read’ signs and numbers. Finally, an alternative to high-contrast signs…


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Excellent new application – with plenty of other solutions that spring to mind (signs that are ‘doors’ that open on approach, for example) – to extend the role signage…