Time to start ‘socialising’ signage design?‏

Some aspects of our lives and day-to-day experiences seem immune to the technological changes that are increasingly shaping how we see the world.

We now walk around with mobiles and have the whole world in our palms, able to call up at a moments notice the location of and directions to everything from coffees to careers.

Our devices can take us right to the door, which begs a question.
Do we still need signs – and what should signs be doing for us  now?

Those hulking great lumps of metal and plastic sitting  passively at every junction or hanging from gantries and  ceilings appear striking out of step with the times.

The way we find our way around (especially if you we’re born  after 1990) is changing fast and while there’s undoubtably a role  for ‘traditional’ signage, what are the directions that that the new media landscape is affording to those thinking ahead?

How can we go about ‘socialising’ signage so it extends the hands of brands, places and spaces in more relevant, affecting, surprising and useful ways?
Download the full article (writen for Meda) here: FireStarter_The Signage Issue