Art replaces life?


Alongside the spread of instant signs, now add instagram signs…

Cardboard Picture Frames Bring Instagram Filters Into The Analog World

This rather odd initiative “Bruno Ribeiro has launched Real Life Instagram, placing physical filters in the capital city’s most photogenic places”. Ok, it’s fun, in a high-functioning-Instagrammer kind of way, but really? Isn’t the point of a photogenic place enough (and without the detritus of hackney-ed signposts to what we’re ‘supposed’ to be looking at)?

And what happens when you add instagram-like filters to your instant-instagram-image?

Another instance of digital art replacing real life? I guess we can all look forward to looking back at more pictures of ‘me when I was young, taking a picture of a social media moment at that famous place. Which I can’t remember seeing, as I was busy taking a picture of a social media moment’.