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Does experience shape your strategy?

It could be a trick question, coming as it does with at least three possible answers, depending on how it’s asked and to who.  Curious about an article in UXMagazine, the author of… Continue reading

Why buy a design consultancy?

Indeed, reading between the lines of this piece in Design Week, covering the re-emergence of consulting firms buying design companies (which means the recession must be over, I’ve not seen this kind of… Continue reading

You’re entitled to a good experience.

Yes you are, because ‘you’ are the centre of every brands’ interest. According to Brian Solis of the Altimeter Group: “Consumers not only expect great brand experiences, they believe they’re entitled to them”.… Continue reading

If you can think of it, it must be important…

“…we tend to pay more attention to, and worry more about, matters that readily come to mind” More from people who know (far better than the dowsers and diviners of the branding industry)… Continue reading

In ‘Ћ’ firing line?

Ok, let’s be honest, it’s not really been ‘invented’ (the design and use of glyphs in language isn’t new) but this is interesting. Cited by its author as a way of saving time,… Continue reading

The dialogue starts here.

Once you start thinking about how to make things less, well, dumb, the possibilities open up all over. Here’s when the dialogue between our streetscape and its furniture (including signage) begins to become… Continue reading

The way forward’s right under your nose

While Google Glass seems to have stolen the thunder, ‘heads-up’ displays began life in cars, so it seems only logical that these should converge. And here it is – The LiveMap helmet “projects… Continue reading

Time to start ‘socialising’ signage design?‏

Some aspects of our lives and day-to-day experiences seem immune to the technological changes that are increasingly shaping how we see the world. We now walk around with mobiles and have the whole… Continue reading

Keep On The Grass

Sometimes a simply idea can be subverted to great effect and traditional sign forms and formats lend themselves to this – here’s a great example for the UK’s National Trust, turning from tut-tutting… Continue reading

How to avoid losing in Las Vegas?

More on the future of mobile wayfinding. Ok, so I can’t really stop you losing your shirt at the roulette tables, but in future, finding your way around indoors – by relying on… Continue reading