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Wi-tricity moves inexorably closer…

Spotted this morning, and while it’s not breaking news, the meme of wireless-charging (like all ideas that seem to arrive suddenly but in fact take 5 years to properly gestate) is really gathering… Continue reading

Are We Ready For New Retail Models?

Yes. But you won’t find them here – Are We Ready For New Retail Models? [PSFK NYC 2012] @PSFK. As sure as art mirrors life, it would appear that the social-media world’s search… Continue reading

Death of print… greatly exaggerated…

“Paper posters that play music via printed circuits made with conductive ink have been unveiled. The prototype “Listening Post” poster is a guide to bands performing locally. The interactive poster plays a short… Continue reading

The Future Of / ‘Thinking Cities’

A rather open-ended post, catching a few ideas. Just watched this short film (produced by Ericsson) and worth a mention for the connection between one aspect of this and something else I was… Continue reading

Can a Font Help a City?

Can a Font Help a City Make a Comeback? – Design – GOOD. Spotted this in While it’s a really nice-looking project, it’s also a great example of the a ‘distributed’ approach… Continue reading

FieldCandy – camp it up!

And they really are. FieldCandy – OUTSTANDING TENTS | FieldCandy. What a perfect idea, albeit a little pricey for your average fest…

Concrete – crossing boundaries

The work of Concrete architects (too narrow a name for what they do)…      

Re-think of Retail Paradigm Required | Truly Deeply/Madly

          Re-think of Retail Paradigm Required | Truly Deeply/Madly.