Time to move from dealer networks to networked dealerships?

The thing with the way established industries operate are the frameworks or structures they subject themselves – and us – to. Frameworks, practices and policies that result in physical forms and formats that… Continue reading

Design gives you wings?

A shame it seems to clip the language of its proponents. A report on the 65th International Motor Show in Frankfurt/Main, focusing on design philosophy among manufacturers, as some attempt to separate themselves… Continue reading

Perhaps I can fit your new kitchen? I’ll let you handle the identity work from here…

How hard can it be? There’s bound to be an on-line resource to show me what to do. After all, there’s now ‘Canva’ (“a tool that makes design simple for everyone”) to do… Continue reading

Does experience shape your strategy?

It could be a trick question, coming as it does with at least three possible answers, depending on how it’s asked and to who.  Curious about an article in UXMagazine, the author of… Continue reading

Why buy a design consultancy?

Indeed, reading between the lines of this piece in Design Week, covering the re-emergence of consulting firms buying design companies (which means the recession must be over, I’ve not seen this kind of… Continue reading

You’re entitled to a good experience.

Yes you are, because ‘you’ are the centre of every brands’ interest. According to Brian Solis of the Altimeter Group: “Consumers not only expect great brand experiences, they believe they’re entitled to them”.… Continue reading

Running on empty?

Here’s a copy of a post I made today on another WordPress site I write for. It seemed to work out ok, so I’m re-posting it here… Here’s a quick test for you.… Continue reading

If you can think of it, it must be important…

“…we tend to pay more attention to, and worry more about, matters that readily come to mind” More from people who know (far better than the dowsers and diviners of the branding industry)… Continue reading

In ‘Ћ’ firing line?

Ok, let’s be honest, it’s not really been ‘invented’ (the design and use of glyphs in language isn’t new) but this is interesting. Cited by its author as a way of saving time,… Continue reading

The dialogue starts here.

Once you start thinking about how to make things less, well, dumb, the possibilities open up all over. Here’s when the dialogue between our streetscape and its furniture (including signage) begins to become… Continue reading