Google Glass For Visually Impaired Reads Street Signs Out Loud – PSFK

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  The future for signage (part 2), Israeli startup company OrCam has built a camera-based system that helps the visually-impaired ‘read’ signs and numbers. Finally, an alternative to high-contrast signs…


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Excellent new application – with plenty of other solutions that spring to mind (signs that are ‘doors’ that open on approach, for example) – to extend the role signage…

Pause for thought #1

If, like me, you like to kick-start mornings with a new perspective, or simply shake your thinking-habits around a bit, here’s a starter; This comes from a new book by Keri Smith “How… Continue reading


Priceless. “Design taste is always tough to define.” But it’s not hard to spot. This “…was actually made internally by Microsoft’s packaging designers to challenge the marketing team to do better. Much to… Continue reading

Design consultancies are dead! Long live design!

Quick re-post from an inspiring lead at Design Week, championing the power of design. Not ‘design thinking’ or ‘strategy’. Design. Long live design! “Many recent startups are powered by design as much as… Continue reading


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Some customers love to pay to advertise brands. Whether you’re Gap or Gucci, Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin or even Tesco (stand up, Florence and Fred) making money from…

“No, I don’t want to see your brand dodecahedron”

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Last Friday, Rob Mitchell (co-founder of We All Need Words) penned a gently vitriolic view on the issue of strategy getting in the way of execution.  “Brand strategy…

Wedgwood set for £25m redevelopment

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With the UK manufacturing sector sorely in need of support, what better than presenting the brilliant potter’s craft to the wider world? Factory visitor experiences have revitalised places…

Living in the age of forgetting

Read This Book In Two Months This was a curious find, a book designed (manufactured?) to disappear. Of all the things we currently create, I thought the book was one of the few… Continue reading

kfone? Kone? phlock?

Picked this up from Fast Company’s design blog – strange but good reversal of fortune where an auto co. (well, their agency anyway, but tip of the hat to Ford for following through)… Continue reading