Death of print… greatly exaggerated…

“Paper posters that play music via printed circuits made with conductive ink have been unveiled. The prototype “Listening Post” poster is a guide to bands performing locally. The interactive poster plays a short… Continue reading

The Future Of / ‘Thinking Cities’

A rather open-ended post, catching a few ideas. Just watched this short film (produced by Ericsson) and worth a mention for the connection between one aspect of this and something else I was… Continue reading

Can a Font Help a City?

Can a Font Help a City Make a Comeback? – Design – GOOD. Spotted this in While it’s a really nice-looking project, it’s also a great example of the a ‘distributed’ approach… Continue reading

Are graphic designers ruining the web?

Following on nicely from the post about ‘Distributed design’, the debate about responsibility for design takes another twist, in the form of journalist and academic John Naughton Guardian article. News analysis – Are… Continue reading

FieldCandy – camp it up!

And they really are. FieldCandy – OUTSTANDING TENTS | FieldCandy. What a perfect idea, albeit a little pricey for your average fest…

Establish a (bad) Mood with typography…

I like Codrops (the developers’ blog, “pushing the boundaries of how websites are built from the fundamental structure to the most delicate interaction effects.” ) but when expertise in one discipline is… Continue reading

Today I am mostly working on…

…e-mail marketing template learning! Having been the recipient of many excellent Mailchimp generated mail, decided to give it a try and create a template for the Meda business. The free templates are a… Continue reading

The great Grain Edit

Always worth a detour and rarely failing to inspire, the Grain Edit collection brings the good, great and good-now-I-know to you. Take out a subscription and get grain-based goodness for yourself. grain edit

Daytrotter: The source for new music from the best emerging bands

  The best $2 you’ll ever spend (regardless of the exchange rate). Even while you now have to subscribe and pay for the downloads, I can’t rate Daytrotter highly enough. You want great… Continue reading

Jeremy Rifkin – The Third Industrial Revolution

  Maybe I picked up a little late on this, be nonetheless I’ve started reading his ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ and if you’re at all unclear as to why we’re in the economic… Continue reading