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Living in the age of forgetting

Read This Book In Two Months This was a curious find, a book designed (manufactured?) to disappear. Of all the things we currently create, I thought the book was one of the few… Continue reading

kfone? Kone? phlock?

Picked this up from Fast Company’s design blog – strange but good reversal of fortune where an auto co. (well, their agency anyway, but tip of the hat to Ford for following through)… Continue reading

The perils of disconnected, ’ersatz design’.

In my local area, an Estate Agent (or Realtor, depending on your background) has undergone a rebadging exercise. Nothing much remarkable in that, except in my opinion, the staggeringly awful result. Now, whenever… Continue reading

Design for what’s on your mind.

I read this last week. I read it three times more and, while I try not to simply re-post other people’s thinking verbatim, I can’t think of a better article you should read… Continue reading

The age of discovery – not just for Tablets?

In reading the Micheal Schreck, of Zmags, contentiously titled; Amazon is stifling the e-commerce revolution I found a really interesting thought about one particular future for retailing – ‘Discovery Commerce’. The coinage resulted… Continue reading

Are We Ready For New Retail Models?

Yes. But you won’t find them here – Are We Ready For New Retail Models? [PSFK NYC 2012] @PSFK. As sure as art mirrors life, it would appear that the social-media world’s search… Continue reading

Establish a (bad) Mood with typography…

I like Codrops (the developers’ blog, “pushing the boundaries of how websites are built from the fundamental structure to the most delicate interaction effects.” http://tympanus.net/codrops/ ) but when expertise in one discipline is… Continue reading

Frequently (un)Asked Questions

I’ve been putting a proposal together for a client who’s not commissioned the kind of work I do before, and he’s rightly nervous about the process and the investment (and return) involved. Writing… Continue reading