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Priceless. “Design taste is always tough to define.” But it’s not hard to spot. This “…was actually made internally by Microsoft’s packaging designers to challenge the marketing team to do better. Much to… Continue reading

From the ‘user-choser’ to ‘choose-when-I-need-to’

“The world is moving from car ownership to car usership.” Tomorrow’s drivers will be much less interested in owning the cars they travel in, industry executives predict. The statement, made in the consultancy… Continue reading

The Future Of / ‘Thinking Cities’

A rather open-ended post, catching a few ideas. Just watched this short film (produced by Ericsson) and worth a mention for the connection between one aspect of this and something else I was… Continue reading

Can a Font Help a City?

Can a Font Help a City Make a Comeback? – Design – GOOD. Spotted this in Good.is. While it’s a really nice-looking project, it’s also a great example of the a ‘distributed’ approach… Continue reading

Jeremy Rifkin – The Third Industrial Revolution

  Maybe I picked up a little late on this, be nonetheless I’ve started reading his ‘The Third Industrial Revolution’ and if you’re at all unclear as to why we’re in the economic… Continue reading